Nuit Blanche. Paris
"Luminous sounds" - Event -
Camen Hoyos - 02/10/2004.

Responding to the arches of the Sully Bridge,
55 yards long inflatable light arches lie on the ground near the bridge.
A floating sculpture of 44 yards, slightly luminous in the middle of the river,
vibrates, rocked by the movement of water,
it is towed and supervised by a barge and Zodiac boats, led by "Bird-men".
(BDA and ESCP sail, UP2 Sports Service, "Alternat" barge)

A "sound image" is broadcast all night under the Sully Bridge.
- mixing the sound of waves and wind with a little girl's voice -
The Quay seems transformed into seaside;
the Port is somewhere on the North Sea.
This night is also musical by the presence of the UP2 choir, (40 singers) "Panthéon Assas",
they sing "à capella" birds trills and Renaissance songs
following a bouncing and expressive choreography,
Costumes and headdresses are shiny, bright and festive.
PHOTOGRAPHES: Axelle Melin et Carmen Hoyos

© HOY-2004