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Temps et contretemps. 2000. Issy les Moulineaux. événement sonore.visuel

Creation of an event and a sculptural and sound and light show installation. Planting of 9000 tulips. Covering 50 military vehicles with aluminum. Concert. The 20th century narrated by slideshows projected from the inside of the vehicles.
As part of the « Mission 2000 », for the City of Issy les Moulinaux, in factories occupied by M.V.C.G. (on 54,000 sqft.) Issy les Moulinaux. France. March. With the complicity of Agnès Pezeu and Camille Revel.

Musically, collaborations have been established with Jean-Yves Bosseur Helene Ruggeri, Noise Maker's five. Inclusion of "green music".
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