Outdoor events
Ephemeral presentations: short or medium duration, occasional or covering a season, visual and sound,
Events can be Installations or Performances in public and private spaces, in the city or nature.
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Nuit Blanche. Paris. "Luminous sounds" – Event.
Pont de Sully. 02/10/2004.

Responding to the arches of the Sully Bridge, 55 yards long inflatable light arches composing a floating sculpture that vibrates in the middle of the river Seine. Visual and sonorous.
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Brussels Parc Malou - industrial music Concert.

" A perte de vue ". Creation of an event in a park, a lake and a castle for the 25th anniversary of the GPOA gallery. Fire, the basic material, is used on the ground, in the air, on the water. Industrial music concert. Brussels, Belgium . Summer
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l'Haÿ les Roses. Church facades Installation.

"Le printemps en automne ", installation of 1,100 yards of paintings on the facades of a church and in a park. L'Haÿ-les-Roses, France, September.
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Gardens of the Castle of Jehay, Belgium. "aquatiques".

Photos of the sky of Venice, Île de France, Brussels, and of the Dorset, float on the moat water the Castle, size of each photo 82 by 33 feet. Summer 2006
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Brussels - Parc Malou - "Change of State through fire".

Installation and 5 visual and sound performances, at the Parc and Malou Castle. 9 flammable sculptures, each 10 feet high, 6.6 feet long, 5 feet deep.
Performance, memory, smell, color, sound, and change of physical state through fire. Brussels, Belgium Summer 1989.
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"Mirage", Avenue des Nerviens - Brussels, Belgique.

Inauguration of an Art Center. 1981
A lawn of 30 m x 9 m overhangs the Avenue des Nerviens, a sculpture "Cow in Satin" is suspended thereon.
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Nuit Blanche. Bruxelles. " Mirage Bleu" – Event.
Place Sainte Catherine. 01/10/2010.

It is a light and luminous sculpture, a fragment of sea which floats in the sky above the basin. Visual and sonorous. Quai aux Briques.
The large floating square, (4m x 4m), receives the projection of a video of the sea. (20 minutes).
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Cultural Center of the City of Ittre. Project « JOIE » - Summer 2015

Outdoors : a large Land Art Installation in three parts.
indoors : an exhibition of painting and photo - paintings, sculptures and luminous paintings.
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Créances beach, 2 Installations-events

Dialogue with the wind I and II ".Installation of monumental sculptures on the Beach of Créances, creation of two events Painting of 1,100 yard on the road adjoining the beach. With the City of Créances France Summer.
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Luxembourg - Public Square. "Le son de la couleur " performance. painting. sound.

"The sound of color" Performance . Creation and same day consumption of a painting, made on a fabric of 165 by 165 feet; in a public place; in parallel with a sound performance. Luxembourg. Summer.
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"Rencontre". Island. Performance with sound. Brussels. Belgium

An installation and two sound performances, "piano-spade" on an island in the Parc-lac Malou. Brussels, Belgium. Summer.

Musically, collaborations have been established with Jean-Yves Bosseur and Noise Maker's five.
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