Indoor events
Ephemeral presentations: of short or medium duration, punctual or for an entire season, visual and sound.
The events can be Exhibitions or Installations and Performances, in Museums, Galleries or public spaces.
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The Path. 2019. FAM Fresno Art Museum. Installation of 40 painting-sculptures, some mobile.

"The Path" leads you trough the Museum from its entrance to the garden.
FAM Fresno Art Museum, Fresno, California U.S.A. July 2019 thru January 5, 2020.
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Tallahassee. M.A.M. installation sound.

M.A.M. Florida State University. Installation Invierno-Primavera.
Tallahassee, U.S.A.
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Temps et contretemps. Issy les Moulineaux. event sonorous, visual

Creation of an event and a luminous, sonorous installation. Plantation of 9000 tulips. Dressing-up of 50 military vehicles with aluminum. Concert. The 20th century narrated through slideshows projected from the inside of the vehicles.
As part of the « Mission 2000 », for the City of Issy les Moulinaux, in factories occupied by M.V.C.G. (on 54,000 sqft.). Issy les Moulinaux. France. March.
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Exhibition "Virevoltante". Twirling. M.M.D. Musée Mode & Dentelle

In full evolution as this is the concept, the occupation of space varies and the content is transformed. From the spring equinox to the summer solstice.
Seven "Variations", new installations and occupation of space follow each other. The place is invested by sculptures that transform. In the end, it becomes a space invested by paintings.
Three times compose this exhibition, "Emergence", "Enlightenment", "Magnificence". Sculpture, video, painting.
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"Dans tous les sens" - F.I.A.C. Paris. Creation of a sensory event: perfume-taste-sound, for the Bernard Jordan gallery, with the Hotel Le Bristol in Paris.

A nourishing sculpture (comprising 28 toasters), 5 emissaries-characters distribute 1000 parts of hot bread.
Collaborations have been established with Gilles Marchal and James Berthier.
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M.A.M. Bogota. installation. terres. "Abondance-extrêmes I"

Installation. 7800 carnations, 4000 rifle sockets, tiple recordings, bandola requinto, guava scents. M.A.M. 4th biennale. Bogotá, Colombia
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Médiatine Brussels. installation earth, pigments, black smoke, water. Sculpture, Painting.

" Terres ". Installation. Brussels, Belgium.
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"ÉPHÉMÈRE", Installation.
Crossing and interconnection of different levels of the architecture of the gallery, by means of sculptures: rectangle, triangle, square; animated by fire, water and color.
Herold Gallery. Brussels, Belgium
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"La poule amoureuse" Eat-art. Series of "sculptures delicious sculptures" La maison rouge. Paris. France.

DUO. In collaboration with the patissier Gilles Marchal.

«Une poule amoureuse». Eat-art. Series of « delicious sculptures ». Generous and edible sculpture made out of chocolate, sugar, light, offers itself to the gourmandise of the guests in a setting designed to promote its energy and exalt the party. Flavors made by La maison du chocolat.
DUO. In collaboration with the patissier Gilles Marchal.
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Echo 1. ILM. Paris installation

Bernard Jordan Gallery. Paris, France. March.
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