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Project « JOIE » Cultural Center of the City of Ittre - Belgium - Summer 2015
Outdoors a large Land Art Installation in three parts.
Indoors a painting and photo exhibition - paintings, sculptures and light-painting.

Outdoors: invest, with a paintings installation, the small wood, then place two different and complementary installations on the 2 lawns bordering the small wood. Two large luminous sculptures are visible in the evening, in the entrance.
Photos: trees, petals on stems, recycled bottles and light sculptures.

As a starting point and raw material, recyclable plastics become monumental colored sculptures, industrial cellophanes will support large paintings.
The function of its industrial materials is diverted to the benefit of art, they become useful in the search for "beauty" and support for creation.

The search for beauty and harmony, and a state of mind sensitive to joyous aesthetic often inhabit my works.

Indoors: 4 spaces for a painting exhibition, photo-paintings, light sculptures, light paintings. (see photos).
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