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Paris - Madrid - Brussels - Bogota - Fresno. carmen hoyos

HOY 2023







Born in Bogotá Colombia.

Master of Arts at the National School of Architecture and Visual Arts, "La Cambre". Brussels. Belgium

Materials: time, light, colour, words, sounds, industrial, nature.


OUTDOORS - INDOORS.              Selection.


Expxhibition "MOTION PAINTING" Solo Show

Video-Paintings in motion, Paintings, Augmented Reality, Photo-Paintings, Delicious Sculpture.

Marc Minjauw Gallery , Brussels, February 2024.


"Evolving Paintings"  Immersive video Installation.

In a vast space, in the heart of the city. 14 evolving video paintings, 12 Augmented Realities

Center LaVallée, Brussels, November 2023

"Phygital"  Physical and Digital Installation.

12 x 3D paintings, 12 videos, 4 photos, 12 Augmented Realities, Meta-Gallery.

BXL.ART-NFT-GALLERY. Maritime Station, Tower and Taxi. Brussels, Belgium. May - June 2023.

"Relief" Photo Exhibition - Curator Coryse Mwape Dolin.

Visual Gallery. Brussels, Belgium. May 2023.


Video installation. "IMMERSION" The show is composed of 5 videos, 25 minutes, displayed in the Espace Commines.

It explores natural light effects, colors and transparencies through computer art and I-phone work.

Espace Commines. November 2022. Paris, France.

Video installation. "LIGHTS AND COLORS" The show is composed of 17 videos that share the walls and floor of this large space.

It explores natural light effects through computer art and I-phone work.

12 July to 15 September 2022. Soisay Manor. Le Perche, Normandy, France.


Videos - Photographs "DROPS . PHOTOS-PAINTINGS" designed to diffuse positive sensations, ascending energies,.

Color, light and movement.

My work, deliberately virtual, in a short time, like a breath, fits into the possible practices of current circumstances. Brussels. Belgium. 2021.


Videos "DROPS . EVOLVING PAINTINGS" designed to diffuse positive sensations, ascending energies,.

Color, light and movement.

My work, deliberately virtual, in a short time, like a breath, fits into the possible practices of current circumstances. Fresno. California. U.S.A. 2020.


"REVIVAL" Video, 3D creation. Virtual presentation of a photo-painting Installation,

in the premises of the Alliance Française of San Francisco

Alliance Française. San Francisco. California. U.S.A. November 2020.

Exhibition "PANDEMICAL" An exploration of creative outlets of the 2020 experience.

Virtual presentation of the works of artists designed in response to the Covid 19 pandemic.

The Center for Creativity and the Arts. Fresno State. California. Fresno. California. U.S.A. October 2020.


Exhibition « "The Path" » Installation of 40 painting-sculptures, some mobile.

"The Path" leads you through the Museum from the entrance to the garden.

FAM Fresno Art Museum. Fresno. California. U.S.A. July 2019 thru January 5th, 2020.


Event « Trashique » Fashion Extravangaza, Artworks.

FAM Fresno Art Museum. Fresno. California. U.S.A. February.


Exhibition « Atelier HOY » paintings and sculptures.

Brussels. Belgium. December.

Exhibition « NPO l'Accueil » (non-pprofit oraganization) paintings and photo-paintings.

Brussels. Belgium. January.


Exhibition « moments » Paintings, luminous sculptures and photos.

Atelier HOY. Brussels. Belgium. November.


Land Art Installation « JOIE » two-part exhibition, outdoors Land Art Installation, paintings and sculptures, Indoors photos, paintings, luminous sculptures.

Cultural Center of the City of Ittre. Belgium. June.


Exhibition « Carmen Hoyos HOY at Tropisme 2 » paintings and photo-paintings.  

Tropisme 2. Brussels. Belgium. December 2014-January 2015.


Exhibition « Foto - Pinturas » photos and photos-Paintings. 

La Pared Galery. Bogota. Colombia. November - December.


Exhibition « Trajectoires Lumiére » Paintings luminous sculptures and photos.

Atelier Henri Pinta. Paris. France. September.


Outdoors event in the city « Equinoxe 2014 » Multimedia Installation.

Gallery 151, Brussels. Brussels. Belgium. March.


Exhibition « From darkness to light » An exhibition of painting and an exhibition of photos. 

Gallery 151, Brussels. Brussels. Belgium. March.


Private Event « Arches » Sculptures, Installation.

Bretagne. France. September.


Soiree Arty, festive event « Equinoxe 2013 » Luminous Installation, photographs and sculptures.

Brussels. Belgium. March.


Soiree Arty, festive event. « Fiat Lux » Luminous Installation.

Saint-German-en-Laye. France. December.


festive event. « Jardin rêvé  » Land art. Installation, 1,100 flowers - sculpture.

Villeperdue, Touraine. France. April.


Soiree Arty, festive event « Équinoxe 2012 » Installation, photographs and luminous sculptures.

Brussels. Belgium. March.


Outdoors Event in the city. Nuit Blanche. « Mirage bleu » Multimedia Installation.

Brussels, Belgium. October.


Soiree Arty. « Flore » Luminous Installation outdoors and indoors. Luminous Sculptures.

Aix-en-Provence. France. March.


Diner Arty. « Mondrian-Aline » Luminous Installation and haute-couture for tables.

Paris. France. February.


Outdoors Installation. « La mare aux grenouilles » Sound and luminous installation.

Château de Monte-Cristo. Le port-Marly. France. June.


Événément festif. « Coline » Luminous installation and haute-couture for tables. 100 photos-portraits, projection numérique.

Brussels. Belgium. 


festive event. « Gilles 25 » Luminous installation In-and-Outdoors. Buffet-sculpture.

Brussels. Belgium.


Exhibition. « Virevoltante » Haute-couture for tables-sculptures. 7 Succesive installations. Work in progress,

Digital projections Photo-reportage The Sky.

Musée du Costume et de la Dentelle. Brussels Belgium from March 21st to March 21th of June 2009.


Eat-Art Event. « Le printemps des Musées »

Musée de la Tapisserie. Tournai. Belgium.


Public Event « Flotart » Installation of luminous sculptures on the river Seine.

Le Port-Marly. France.


Outdoors Installation. « Jardin frémissant ». In the undergrowth of the English Garden are planted 1500 stems with petals and spirals

in rhodoïd. They are flexible, sensitive to the wind.

Gardens of the Castle of Wesserling. Alsace France Summer 2008.


Outdoors Installation. « Constellations ». The installation of sculptures "Constellations", deploys in lit up semicircles,

inhabited by a floating garden.

These "constellations are composed of 40 polychromatic luminous sculptures,

they form an entanglement of semicircles.

Petals, (1,000), carried by long stems come to nest in the hollow of the semicircles.

A projection of rays of light on the petals produces the illusion of a floating garden

Gardens of the Castle of Wesserling. Alsace France Winter 2008.


Dinner, festive event. « La poule amoureuse » Eat-art. Delicious Sculpture and Installation of an ambiance of light and haute-couture for tables.

With Gilles Marchal and La Maison du chocolat.

La Maison rouge. Paris France May.


Eat-art.« Arboles de amor » Delicious Sculptures.

Arrayanes club. Bogota Colombie. February.


Soiree Arty. « Affectissimo » Eat-art. Delicious sculptures with Gilles Marchal.

Hôtel Le Bristol. Paris. January.


Sound and Luminous installation. « Le château d'If habité par les oiseaux »

Castle of Monte-Cristo. Le port-Marly. France. June.


Outdoors Installation on the water.« Aquatiques, Espaces Poétiques » on the water, 4 very large format photographs, 82 feet long, 33 feet wide.

Castle of Jehay. Amay, Belgium. June-September.


Soiree Arty, Eat-art. « Sweet Myrtille » Delicious sculpture.

St. GerMayn en Laye. France. April.


Festive Events. « A&S », « c&c »,  « M », « De la lumière » Eat-art. Light sculptures, Delicious Sculptures, Photographs.

Paris, Toulouse. December. February.


Nuit Blanche (White Night). Event in 2 steps: Installation & Audio Performance - luminous sculptures « Sonorités Lumineuses » 

Choreography for 40 singers and costumes. Glowing luminescent sculpture on the Seine, 164 feet long x 26 feet wide; Sound Performance, on the water..

The Sully Bridge, St. Bernard Port. Paris. France. October. - "La Nuit Blanche" (The White Night) is an artistic event under the auspices of the City of Paris. France.

Eat-art. Delicious Sculpture, Festive event.« Charlotte chez T&J »

Normandy, France.


Festive event. Installation « Monts émerveillent » linear landforms.

composed of textiles, vegetations, glass, tin-glazed earthenware, silverware. Photographies.

St. GerMayn en Laye. France. March.


Eat-art. Dîner, festive event . Installation « Migrations » Light Images, slideshow 190 photos, sounds,  « paintings » textiles, végétations, Delicious Sculpture. Film numérique (15 minutes).

Paris. France. September.


Festive event, Installation « Laurence. Delphine, du couché du soleil au levé du jour » Image, sound, light. Eatable Sculpture.

140 digital photos (A3), composition and mixing of bird songs, water-glass sculptures (1.40m x 2.00m), punctuation and light vibrations, spatial approach.

St. GerMayn en Laye. France. July.


Luminous Installation for a festive event « O. / S, primavera   2002 »

23-minute digital film, illuminations by reflection, photos, costumes. Delicious Sculpture containing pastries by Gilles Marchal.

Paris. France. March. 


Eat-art. Sensory event: fragrance-taste-sound « Dans tous les sens»

For the Bernard Jordan Gallery, with the Hotel Le Bristol in Paris.

FIAC International Fair of Contemporary Art. The Grand Palais - Paris, France.


Event and Lighting and Sound Installation «Temps et contretemps » as part of the « Mission 2000 », for the City of Issy les Moulinaux,

in factories occupied by M.V.C.G. (on 54,000 sqft.).

Issy les Moulinaux. France. March.


Transformation project for the R.E.R. « Auber- Opéra- Havre-Caumartin » Study 1.

Photos, drawings, texts. Conceived with Camille Revel.
Bernard Jordan Galery. Paris. France.


Installation of stained glass, photos. « Transit »

Watermael Station. Brussels.

Stables. Hoeilaert.

G.P.O.A. Belgium. June.


festive event dans un parc, un lac et un château « A perte de vue »  pour les 25 ans de la galerie GPOA.

Le feu, matériau de base, est utilisé au sol, en l'air, sur l'eau. Concert de musique industrielle. Sculptures délicieuses.

G.P.O.A. Brussels, Belgium. June.


Installation of 1,100 yards of paintings on the facades of a church and in a park. « Le printemps en automne »

L'Haÿ-les-Roses.  France. September.


Eat-art. Festive event. « Repas Baroque » Painting-sculpture, penetrable et edible.

Paris, France. April.


Installation: the sound, the smells and the touch. « Abondance - extrêmes I »

M.A.M. Museum of Modern Art. Bogotá, Colombia September.


Installation sound performances. « piano-bêche » « Rencontre »

Isle of the Parc Malou park and lake. Brussels, Belgium. June.


Installation of monumental sculptures on the Beach « Dialogue avec le vent I et II » two events and a painting of 1,000 yard, on the road to the beach.

Avec la Mayrie de Créances. France. June.


Outdoors Installation. « Transformation d'état par le feu » 9 flammable sculptures, height: 10 feet, length: 6.6 feet, depth: 5 feet.

Performance, memory, smell, color, sound, and substance by fire.

Parc Malou , et Médiatine. Brussels, Belgium.


Outdoors Performance. « Le son de la couleur » Creation and consumption on the same day of a painting

carried out on a fabric of 165 by 165  feet; in a public piaza; in parallel with a sound performance.

Esch sur Alzette. Luxembourg.


Painting installation on floor, perfumes. « Environnement roses roses »  20,000 rosebuds, scattered on the "Place Verte", available to the public. Perfume of rose spread at the feet of trees.

Huy. Belgium.


Installation 5 penetrable monumental sculptures. « Transparence éphémère »

(40 by 23 feet.), inflated plastic. Indoors performances: painting, sound, volumes. Installation of photo-transparencies for virtual paintings. 

Opening of the House of Culture. Tournai, Belgium.


Musical collaborations with Jean-Yves Bosseur,  Helène Ruggeri, Pierre Coulon, Eric de Visscher, les Noise Makers Five, David Puertas.

Punctual inclusion of green music.

Savour, collaboration with Gilles Marchal, James Berthier, of the Hôtel Le Bristol, Nicolas Cloiseau of La Maison du Chocolat. .




Exhibition « "The Path" » Installation of 40 painting-sculptures, some mobile.

"The Path" leads you through the Museum from the entrance to the garden.

FAM Fresno Art Museum. Fresno. California. U.S.A. July 2019 thru January 5th, 2020.


Atelier Henri Pinta. « Trajectoires Lumière » Paintings luminous sculptures and photos.

Paris. France. September.


Gallery 151 Brussels. « From darkness to light » An exhibition of paintings and an exhibition of photos.

Brussels. Belgium. March.


Musée du Costume et de la Dentelle. Brussels.. « Virevoltante » Exhibition. Haute-couture for sculpture-tables. 7 Succesive installations. Work in progress,.

Brussels. Belgium du 21March au 21 June 2009.


Atelier HOY. « Paysages » Photographs, Feelings of Landscapes, 8 trips..

St. GerMayn en Laye. France. November 2007.


Atelier HOY. « Traversées » Photographs and 9 trips DVD, crossings Europe taking as partner sky and water.

St. GerMayn en Laye. France. March-June.


Atelier HOY « Sculptures lumineuses I et II » Luminous Installations.

St. Germayn en Laye. France. 04/12. 05/06.


Atelier HOY. « Images, photographies »  St. GerMayn en Laye. France. December.


Château Malou. « Polychromies plurielles ». Sculptures-film-photo-reflexion-installation

Brussels. Belgium.


GPOA. « le numérique un art? » Film.  Brussels, Belgium. September.


Bernard Jordan Gallery. Study #2 : métro-R.E.R. Auber-Opéra-Havre-Caumantin. Paris, France. June.

Photos, drawings, texts. Conceived with Camille Revel.


Galerie Bernard Jordan. Installation. Earth, plants, aluminum, slideshow. March. Paris.

with Camille Revel and Agnès Pezeu.


GPOA. Sculptures. Brussels, Belgium. December.


ENSBA La Havane. ENSBA. Paris. « D'une île, l'autre » I et II. Tree dimensions. Cuba, September. France. October.


GPOA. « Kaléidoscope » Installation, paintings. Brussels, Belgium, December.


Atelier r. Cosnard. « Suite » paintings. Paris, France. November.


M.A.M. Bogotá. 4ème biennale. Installation. Sculpture, terres sonores. Colombie.


Médiatine. Installation, Sculptures de terres et eau. Brussels, Belgium.


Galerie Herold. Installation, Chemin d'eau et de feu. Brussels. Belgium.


M.A.M. Museum of Modern Art - Cali. « Primavera II » Colombie.


M.A.M. Museum of Modern Art - Tallahassee, Florida State University. Installation « Invierno-primavera ». U.S.A.


« California Spring Lights » photo-paintings.

Fresno. California. U.S.A.


« California Winter Lights » photo-paintings.

Fresno. California. U.S.A.


« California Summer Reflexion » Photo-paintings.

Fresno. California. U.S.A.


« moments » 12 digital albums of photo-paintings.

Brussels. Belgium. 


« voyage » diaporama récit.

Brussels. Belgium.


« La gota de agua » Sound and light decor for theater, slideshow photo-paintings.

Toulouse. France.


« Equinoxe 14 » composition and Sound Installation.

Galery 151. Brussels. Belgium.


« Fiat lux » paysages lumineux, photo-paintings. Images.

Saint Germayn en Laye. France.


« Vistas » Photo-paintings. Images.

Brussels. Belgium.


« Mirage bleu » Video. Nuit Blanche.

Brussels. Belgium. 


« Paysages liquides » Photographs.

Brussels. Belgium.


« Paysages aléatoires » Photographs.

Brussels. Belgium.


« Coline » 100 photos-portraits.

Brussels. Belgium. 


« La mare aux grenouilles » Photo-reportage.

France. June.


« La mer du nord » Photo-reportage.

France. Belgium. 


« Virevoltante » The inner spring. Photo-repoprtage.


2008 « Flor voyage » Photographic exploration in close-up 40 Photos. France.

« Paysages » 500 Photographs, Feelings of Landscapes, 8 trips

Atelier HOY. St. GerMayn en Laye. France. November 2007.


« Tables-sculpture, tables haute-couture » 50 Photographs.

Atelier HOY. St. Germayn en Laye. France. May 2007.


« Traversées » Reportages le ciel, lumières d'Europe. 9 DVD slideshows. Photos. March 06.


« Carnets de voyages » I, II, III ; reportages photo. Venise. 07/05. Lyon 08/05. GB 09/05.


Portraits, « M », « F&D » « R ». series of Photos.  05/06, 05/058, 05/09. France.


« Sonorités Lumineuses » Film, Nuit Blanche. Paris. France.


« T&J ». Film, 25 minutes. Paris. France.


« AliOli » Slideshow. Photos. St. Germayn en Laye. France.


« Migrations » Film, 12 minutes. Paris. France.


« L&D / Gentes / Mozas / » series of Photos.

Creation of the Website: December.


« April 2002 » Film, 25 minutes. Photos. Brussels . Belgium.


« O. / S., primavera 2002 ». Film, 23 minutes. Paris. France.


« HOY transparences 2001 » Film. 15 minutes. Walls, stained glass, photos. France.


« Dans tous les sens » Film, 17 minutes. FIAC 2000. Paris. France.